About Paige



Hey, there! I’m glad you found this blog, and I hope you’ll find some great reads while here. I’m Paige, and I currently reside in Tulsa Oklahoma, where I'm frequently seen roaming local coffeeshops and muttering about that "fool of a Took." I started this blog because I love books. Is there a better reason? I happen to also love Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, adventure, coffee, commas, and world globes. But more than those things, I love Jesus. I believe in the power of “Happily Ever After” because that’s what He is to us. Our Happily Ever After.

About Pippa

Pippa is a co-blogger/toy poodle, who loves long walks in the pasture and chewing on mom’s books. Yes, she sort of looks like a bear when she hasn’t been to the groomers. Her favorite genre is Fantasy (obviously, because her mom’s is too), and she basically just loves life. And popcorn. She loves popcorn, too.

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