Pre-owned Giveaways

So you've stumbled upon this little chip in the massive blogsphere (Welcome, by the way!).
You've seen something about a giveaway, so you click. And I'm glad you did!
If there's one thing I know about readers, since I am one, its that we love free books. Big books, small books, old books, or new books. Its something that gets us excited about the mailbox, and makes the world a better place. That's why I decided to do something called Paige's Pre-owned Giveaways!
I have an overabundance of books. Really, I'm serious. They're starting to take over my room and scare my mother away. So every once in a while (inconsistently, most likely), I'll post a giveaway of one (or a few) my books for others to enjoy! Just click the "Pre-owned Giveaway" button on the right hand sidebar, and it will take you to the link of the latest giveaway! I want my lovely followers to enjoy these books just like I have!


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